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  • Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Canada | [FRAMED] - April 2014
    Written by

    Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Canada | April 2014 TCT Magazine

    Click the image for the full-resolution version

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    Written on Thursday, 17 April 2014 07:44 in April 2014 | Volume 7 | Issue 2 Read 13 times
  • April 2014 | Volume 7 | Issue 2
    Written by

    April 2014 TCT Magazine 2014 FJC Trail Teams Ultimate EditionGet Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine on the App Store

    It's spring in North America. and we're ready for the adventure season to begin!

    Our April issue is out, and as usual it's jam packed with amazing Toyota Land Cruiser, Truck, and SUV coverage. Our editors have once again done an amazing job at bringing the best news, information, and reviews to our pages. So don't wait, download your copy now!

    The brand new TCT Magazine iPad app really is the best way to enjoy our publication, and at only $9.99 for a 1 year subscription, it's the best deal going. If you haven't seen the app, get it now. It's free and we have a free preview issue you can check out as well.download_now

    Here's what you'll find in the April issue:

    • 2014 Trail Teams Ultimate Edition Test Drive | Dennis Lloyd (
    • Kokopelli Trail Run from Cruise Moab 2013 | Stan Wright
    • 2014 Lone Star Roundup Coverage | Perry Lowery
    • CBI Bumper Install | Bob Holliday
    • Father & Son 4Runner Build, Part 2 | Phillip Jones
    • LabRak for the 100 Series Land Cruiser | Adam Aceino
    • Keeping Your Cooler COLD | Beau & Krista Johnston
    • [FRAMED] X 4: Canada Snow Run | Texas Observatory | Grand Valley, CO | Holy Cross Trail
    • Choosing a Stove: Fuel types | Beau & Krista Johnston
    • Monte's EPIC Finale | Monte Nickles
    • 4Runner DIY Shovel Mount | Phillip Jones
    • FJC Lighting Upgrade | Shane Williams
    • TJM Locker & Nitro Gear Install | Josh Lassiter
    • Introducing SCS Wheels | Eric McKercher
    • "Santoshi" Classic Grille | Matt Hayward
    • The Final Word | Clay Croft (Expedition Overland)
    • New & Noteworthy
    • Your Rigs!
    • Join the TCT Trail Team!


    To get your copy of the April 2014 issue of TCT Magazine:

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    Written on Monday, 07 April 2014 01:00 in April 2014 | Volume 7 | Issue 2 Read 472 times Read more...
  • The TCT Magazine iPad App!
    Written by


    Get Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine on the App StoreAfter several months of development and testing, we're excited to present TCT Magazine for iPad.

    This full interactive app includes 100% of the content from our standard issue, plus great additional features. Each issue includes:

    • Content in a user friendly swipe-to-read format
    • Embedded slideshows showing many more photos than our standard issue
    • Videos are embedded for select articles as well
    • Clickable ads & links, so you can get more info about items you're interested in
    • Easy management of current & past issues
    • iPad subscribers will get new issues earlier than we publish on the web (usually a few days earlier)
    • Most Videos & Slideshows will also be available in the app prior to being added on the website
    Written on Thursday, 27 March 2014 01:00 in Latest News Read 359 times Read more...
  • Kokopelli Trail, Cruise Moab 2013 | Wallpaper Wednesday
    Written by

    This week we have a great shot from Jonathan Harris from the 2013 Cruise Moab Event, while running the Kokopelli Trail.

    Join Jonthan on the Kokopelli this year! Registration is open for Cruise Moab 2014.

    (Click image for high-res version)

    Kokopelli trail | Jonathan Harris

    Written on Wednesday, 26 March 2014 06:34 in Features Read 187 times
  • Toyota Land Cruiser
    Written by

    Toyota FJ-40 Land CruiserHistory of the Toyota Land Cruiser

    The Toyota Land Cruiser has a vast history dating back to the 1950's. In the last 60+ years, it's morphed from a rugged utilitarian 'Jeep' like vehicle to a modern, sleek, luxury SUV. The entire time the LC has kept the ability to take us well off the beaten path. The Land Cruiser (and his many descendents) are some of the most dependable, rugged, and iconic vechicles in the world.

    Instead of re-hashing some of the great stories that are already published on the LC, we've listed summaries of a few key resources we've found on the web. Explore the links below to learn more about this living legend, the Toyota Land Cruiser

    Written on Monday, 24 March 2014 01:00 in Toyota Cruisers, Trucks, & SUV History Read 763 times Read more...
  • Graduated 4Runner Build
    Written by

    Graduated 4Runner Build | TCT MagazineIt was time for graduate school, which meant a more reliable and efficient vehicle than my worn out Silverado was needed.  After a brief search for a car, I realized I needed an SUV.  Having some prior experience with 4Runners, I set my sights on one.  

    A 4th gen was chosen since they felt more robust than the older models and, after some interweb scouring, several were located nearby.  However, few were within mileage and price constraints.  About this time 5th gens were hitting the scene and my aunt, knowing that I was looking at 4Runners, devised a scheme in to get herself a new model and help me with a deal on her ‘03.  After a little more searching around, the decision was a no brainer and I was to be the proud new owner of a mint Limited with a stack of maintenance docs as thick as my textbooks.

    Written on Thursday, 13 March 2014 01:00 in January 2014 | Volume 7 | Issue 1
    Tags: 4Runner tech
    Read 308 times
  • Box Factory Park, FJ Summit, 2011 | Wallpaper Wednesday
    Written by

    Since registration for FJ Summit #8 starts in 10 days, for Wallpaper Wednesday this week we found a great shot from the 2011 FJ Summit.

    This trail is not an official trail and is not advertised on many sites, but Box Factory Park may be one of the most scenic spots in the country. It's definitely worth a side-trip :)

    Click the image for the full resolution photo

    FJ Summit Box Factory Park Ridgway Ouray Telluride Colorado | TCT Magazine

    Written on Wednesday, 12 March 2014 09:39 in Features Read 195 times
  • T100: Ham Radio Install w/APRS
    Written by

    Ham Radio & APRS Install | TCT MagazineThis past summer I took the test to get my amateur radio (HAM) license. One thing that interested me about amateur radio was APRS, or Automatic Packet (Position) Reporting System. APRS basically uses radio waves to transmit data automatically at various intervals. The information transmitted can include many different items, but one bit of data often transmitted is GPS coordinates. This location data can be very useful to keep track of others in your group, or for someone at home to monitor your off-road location. is one online site that shows recent APRS user locations. Information of local APRS users can also be shown on your radio or on an attached GPS device.

    Written on Tuesday, 11 March 2014 01:00 in January 2014 | Volume 7 | Issue 1 Read 451 times Read more...
  • TVOTW: FJCs at Katemcy Rocks
    Written by

    Since the Lone Star Cruiser Roundup starts this week, we thought a nice video showcasing FJ Cruisers at Katemcy Rocks would a good Toyota Video Of the Week.


    Written on Monday, 10 March 2014 15:51 in Videos
    Tags: Video Events
    Read 262 times
  • Common Off Road Trailer Upgrades
    Written by

    Trailer Upgrade Components | TCT MagazineThere are a few schools of thought when building a capable, useful off-road trailer. Some choose to go very basic, using their trailer as little more than a cargo carrier, while others go all-out with built in kitchens, showers, and entertainment systems.

    Regardless of how you intend to use a trailer, the basic upgrades are usually the same. Of course storing basic camping gear such as food, accessories, clothing, and camp gear is a given, a few other essentials are usually on the list of upgrades.

    Written on Thursday, 06 March 2014 01:00 in January 2014 | Volume 7 | Issue 1 Read 447 times Read more...
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